Zhou Ke and Pan Ariuna collaboration

Limited Edition Prints for Venice Biennale

Zhou Ke and Pan Ariuna collaborate for a series of limited edition prints made for the Venice Biennale 2019.

Despite having highly different approaches to painting, Zhou Ke and Pan Ariuna share a deep admiration for the love of Francis Bacon. Particularly influential in their work was Bacon’s use of a variety of photographic sources, combined to create images capable of expressing the artist’s most intimate desires and concerns.

This series of work focuses on a selection of Zhou Ke and Pan Ariuna ‘s work in which the two artists address their fascination with the dynamics of social relationships in compositions of isolated figures, including friends, relatives, and close acquaintances. Pan Ariuna was primarily driven by existential concerns and a deep interest in the different ways people behave when interacting with others. In contrast, Zhou Ke explored group or collective behavior through broader social and political concerns. Much of her work includes references to social media both as a means of expression and freedom and as a means of control and social conformation. Superposing these two approaches to art in a series of single prints, resulting in a highly original exploration of individual expression through collective collaboration.

The prints will go on sale on-site in Venice and through the website.

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