Zhou Ke

Born in Beijing, 1989, Zhou Ke is a rising talent of the millennial generation working in a variety of media she has made her own.

She models her life after her heroine Qiu Jin, a poet and revolutionary (1875-1907), and expresses her own brand of poetic revolt through her visual artwork. The young artist is knowledgeable of- and in constant dialogue with the rich history of Laozi paintings and philosophy. She uses the tools of her time to explore the properties of traditional Chinese calligraphy and ink wash painting.

Her work can be read as an essay of critique to our society. She recognizes our age of technology and internet to be a Janus-faced creature which on the one side faces a utopian, free collaborative spirit with the open knowledge and collaboration and on the other side oppression and surveillance.

She explores the relationship of body as private and body as a whole in the context of pre-existing conditions and redefines the constructs of a personal identity.

Black (2017)

Multi-channel video. looped continuously. (click to play)

Dimensions variable.

Untitled (triptych) (2017)

C-print on glass pane.

85 x 122 cm (each)

Malebolge (2016)

UV-print on glass.

55 x 77 cm

Fourth Wall (2019)


Dimensions variable

Wow Mow

Wow Mow (2019)

Oil on canvas

35 x 45 cm

Love (2019)

Colour print

116 x 116 cm

KTV (2019)

Single-channel video. looped continuously.

Dimensions variable.

I Wish I was Here (2015)

Performance at Disneyland Shanghai.

Dimensions variable.