Zhou Ke - Fourth Wall
Fourth Wall

Zhou Ke’s installation work titled Fourth Wall questions surveillance and privacy in the 21st century.

Pan Ariuna
New work by Pan Ariuna

Hong Kong-based artist Pan Ariuna hits HCMC this fall in a two-venue debut, exhibiting provocative, multimedia works inspired by video game culture and identity politics …

Cultural Police remove art

Cultural Police remove artwork by Zhou Ke.

Contemporary Art Museum
Fredrick Farrow in ZhouPu Museum

Shanghai’s ZhouPu Art Museum opens with a show exhibiting the work of Fredrick Farrow.

Tapestry by Fredrick Farrow

Fredrick Farrow survives a motorbike accident and is putting together a series of tapestries to piece together his memories of the event.

Zhou Ke and Pan Ariuna collaboration
Limited Edition Prints for Venice Biennale

Zhou ke and Pan Ariuna collaborate for a series of limited edition prints made for the Venice Biennale 2019.